Chapman River Logging reclaims sunken timber that was once being floated down river to sawmills. Some of these logs date as far back as pre-1900, and many of them were felled over 100 years ago! Chapman is proud to offer up this beautiful, unique lumber without creating a threat to today’s diminishing forests.




At the beginning of the Civil War, lumbering was an important industry in North Central Florida. The Ocklawaha River and the St. Johns River were both used to transport fallen trees to saw mills by floating the logs down river. Depending on the length of the trip, logs would often become consumed with water and sink to the bottom of the river, where many are still resting to this day.

Chapman River Logging is one of the few suppliers of heart pine and bald cypress that actually reclaims these sunken logs utilizing their own certified divers. For 8 years, native Floridian Greg Chapman and his team have been searching the bottoms of the Ocklawaha and St. Johns rivers for these valuable sunken treasures. They are permitted and regulated by the State of Florida and the wood you purchase from them can be authenticated as such.

Chapman River Logging is also featured on the History Channels AXMEN. Much of the cut, dried lumber that Chapman has for sale was actually reclaimed while shooting AXMEN.

Because Chapman retrieves these sunken logs themselves, they have available many unique and highly sought after pieces, such as crotch cut wood and double barrels. Chapman River Logging not only supplies high end specialized wood for flooring, siding, mantel pieces, and beams, they stock more river reclaimed cypress than any other supplier, and can furnish ornamental wood as well. Contact Chapman River Logging today for pricing and availability!